Amazing Thailand, A Land of Traditions

thailand the land of liberty and freedom

Travelling is one of my hobbies since it helps broaden my perspectives of the world and also enlightens me on the new possibilities that I can take up in life.
This is because travelling provides you with a better view or various cultures and ways of life that you can never acquire from watching a movie or documentary. By far one of the most culturally diverse and exciting countries to travel to is known as Thailand.

I managed to discover that Thailand comes from the term `Thai`, which means a free man or in some cases a human being.

Reasons for travelling to Thailand

beautiful thai mangrove sceneryThe country is located on Southeast of China Peninsula, and it has spectacular tropical beaches, ancient ruins and unique royal settings that make it the ideal destination for tourists. With a population of well over 67 million individuals, the country has a broad spectrum of cultures that make it an exceptional travel destination. During my time in Thailand, I also enjoyed visiting Commercial hubs such as Chinatown that comprise of alleys that are packed with markets, restaurants and shopping centres.

Wildlife and Nature Everywhere

The diversity of nature and wildlife is also another aspect of this country that caught my attention. I am love getting the chance to view new ecosystems as well as wildlife. The country has an affinity for wildlife, and this is demonstrated by using the Elephant as their national symbol. Other similar forms of wildlife include leopards, tigers, as well as other large cats, are also available in the country. The weather in the country is mostly tropical dry, wet and savanna climate that I found to be excellent for tourists and is also one of the main reasons why they have a rich diversity of wildlife and ecosystems.

I also loved that Thailand is a politically stable country that does well to provide its citizens with their basic rights as taxpayers. Therefore, the country is a relatively safe place for tourists as well.

Massages are really affordable

had a rough back massage in chiang maiAnother important reason that led me to Thailand is their level of competency when it comes to providing massages. True, the country is synonymous as a health and wellness hub for various people from the world and is also known its ornate temples that display the statues of Buddha.

The massages are exceptional, especially the onces provided by Jonathan Menin Masseur Professionel Thai, since it’s a process that uses traditional herbs as well as superior massaging techniques that have been passed down from previous generations. To be specific, I found the massage helps in dissipate the tension, toxins and pent up energy are held in my body, thus leading to a clearer state of mind.


When it comes to selecting a good leisure activity or hobby, I’ve found that travelling is the most fun and enlightening yet. Travelling to a great country such as Thailand broadened my horizons as an individual. It is a country that has various cultures, diverse wildlife, friendly climate and is also politically stable, thus qualifying it as one of the lumbering giants when it comes to the best travel destinations.

Bass Fishing in Northern California

bass fishing trip

If you want to take an excellent Bass fishing trip, Northern California has some of the best. Lake Berryessa is one of the best in the state. When you take a bass fishing trip to Lake Berryessa, you will find that it is one of the few lakes you can catch Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and a Spotted Bass all in one area.

Bass were introduced into California in 1874 from the Mississippi River system and are common in most warm water lakes and rivers in the state.
There are quite a few major lakes in Northern California to take a bass fishing trip. Lake Almanor, which is a top notch, Smallmouth Bass Lake.

My selection of lakes:

caught a big on last yearClearlake for Largemouth Bass, Folsom for Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, Lake Mendocino for Largemouth, Smallmouth and Stripers that get up to 40 pounds, Oroville for Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, Shasta for Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, Lake Sonoma which is the newest reservoir in Northern California for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and Trinity for Smallmouth Bass.

Each of these Lakes offers and excellent bass fishing trip.

Some are just better than others.

If you want to take one of the best bass fishing trips on a river in the United States that would be the San Joaquin River Delta, where the Sacramento, Cosumnes, Calaveras and Mokelumne flow into the San Joaquin River to form the Delta, which offers you a quality bass fishing trip. The primary species is the Largemouth bass, some weighing in at more than 15 pounds. So you have to admit that it would be worth taking a bass fishing trip there for one of those. If you decide to fish the Delta in the morning you could always hit Lake Berryessa for a lake bass fishing trip in the late afternoon and stay at one of the many resorts or RV campgrounds and start fresh the next morning. If you are like me and like to tent camp you can set up your camp at Lake Berryessa and go from there.

If all you want to catch are mainly Largemouth Bass, the place to go is San Joaquin River Delta, but if you want a variety of Bass you would want to hit both the San Joaquin River Delta and Lake Berryessa on your next bass fishing trip.

Shot Amazing Aerial Pictures With A Drone

streets in sichuan province

Drones are the trending topic in the field of technology and photography and its advancing at a rapid rate. They are the best pass tame activities which have changed the way youngsters have fun in the present era. They are excited about the powerful high-tech quadcopters. They have taken an interest in learning controls including the essential functions as well as the advanced manoeuvring techniques that enable them to take part in racing. They also get a chance to test their skills among other pilots’ capabilities at this art. Before acheter un drone en ligne, there are a few things you want to consider.

Factors to consider if buying a drone

There are challenges that people find when looking for a suitable drone. Nevertheless, you should consider these factors while purchasing the machine

Speed and elevation

Small drones don’t fly as much higher as larger ones. They are not as fast and are considered unsuitable for drone racing. Therefore, if you want to have the best aerial photographs, then you will have to look for one that is capable of reaching the height of more than 300 feet.

Replacement parts

Drones are aircraft that can easily be involved in an accident. All it takes is a slight error of judgment or taking a wrong turn which results in drone tumbling to the ground.


my last drone aquisitionThe field of photography has advanced with the use of drones. The drone doesn’t take photos itself; it has an inbuilt camera mounted on it that is responsible for taking quality pictures. Some cameras used for videography or aerial photography are quite heavy and should, therefore, be incorporated with an advanced drone that is able of handle the weight. Ordinary cameras will not do the job; you need a high tech camera and a gimbal support to keep the camera stable during the drone flight that will allow you to take better videos and photos.

Battery life

Battery life and its quality are the primary determinant of the amount of time that a drone can remain in the air. It should also take a minimum time to recharge with at least 20 minutes of flight time and about half an hour to get fully charged.

Purpose of use
stationery mode of quadcopter

Stationery mode is great for steady quality pics

The main tip to consider when buying a drone is to identify the purpose for which you want to purchase this particular vehicle. If you are aspiring to get the vehicle for recreation use, quadcopters are available in the market at an affordable price. However, for a professional videography or aerial photography, you need a more advanced model that has the capability to capture events and photos at different angles. Wildlife photography is quite expensive; the camera should be able to capture animals at their original habitats without endangering the photographer’s life.

Bottom line

Drones are not used just for fun, innovative shops using it to deliver food packages like pizza and other items. They are the best deal in re-enacting movie scenes, recording soccer games, weddings, and other memorable events.


Drones are the key to a brighter future. They are not just smart toys but a device that would ease life in a big way shortly. The future lies in your hand waiting for you to take advantage of it. Follow this About me profile for extra info!

5 Airline Booking Tips that will quickly get you the cheapest ticket

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 14.12.45

When your flight ticket is so expensive that it wrecks havoc on your budget, the best way to go is to commit some time into researching cheap deals. First, there are too many reasons why flights are costly these days. For instance, if the airline is tight on its budget, it will be under pressure to make profits, and that means little fare cuts. In addition to this, some airlines have since eliminated certain routes altogether and are only flying to a few destinations in full passenger capacity. It also means fewer incentives. Thus, fares remain higher.

However, you should know that opportunities still exist amid all these challenges. These airlines run dozens of deals each day, some intentional while others mistakenly published. Finally, some decide to slash down their prices to compete with other airlines.

It’s now time to learn what you can do to secure these deals. The following is a list of your ultimate airline booking tips:

You should be flexible with your travel dates

When demand is high, prices go up. If you travel around Europe in the month of August, be sure to face a hard time securing cheap airline deals. Upcoming holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and so forth can be challenging as well.

Fly in the middle of the week as opposed to the weekends. Reason being, demand goes up during the weekend. You could also travel after a major holiday or during early morning and late night hours. Fewer people travel then.

Take advantage of budget airlines

It makes sense to approach budget airlines for the best deals in town. The tradition of intercontinental flights being reserved to expensive carriers is long gone. Bouncing from point A to B is now cheaper with budget airlines which fly long-haul routes. For this reason, you should start with budget airlines first before approaching their costly alternatives.

Alternative routes can be cheaper

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 14.12.56If you’re willing to spare some time along the way, you can take an alternative route to your destination instead. For instance, you could take a flight to London, then take another budget airline to Amsterdam instead of directly flying to Amsterdam. Hoping on a budget flight will save you the cost. In fact, this is the best way to go if you’re not in a harry to arrive at your destination.

You should know that not all search engines are the same when it comes to listing deals

When Americans look for the best airline deals, they use Orbitz or Expedia. Some of them work with the airlines while the carriers themselves own others. What this means is that you will never find unbiased fares in most of the modern search engines.

So your safest bet would be to search as many of them as possible. You’ll be permanently leaving no stone un-turned while also raising your chances of finding cheap deals. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that many of these search engines never list cheap deals because these airlines never want to pay booking commission.


You should use as many search engines as possible. You want to catch price variations and deals as well. And regardless of which airline booking tips you choose, it’s always best to trust search engines that are not affiliated with any air carrier, or those that make money via advertising as opposed to booking commission.

Choosing the Best Camping Tents is Not a Hard Thing!

camping tent and knife

Going to camp for the first time? You will need to choose the right tent, and that can prove harder than you might imagine. There is an enormous array of camping tents to choose from, but here you can get some helpful tips to finding the perfect tent for you.


amazing canadian landscapeTents come in a host of different sizes, from two berths right up to enormous family-sized tents. You need to think carefully about how big you need your tent to be, and you need to consider your requirements carefully. Just because there are only two of your travelling for example, a two man tent may be too small to meet your needs. Depending on the amount of equipment you are taking with you, you may need a larger size to accommodate your essentials and making sure you get a cool tent for camping.

As a rule, allow 25 square feet per person, with perhaps an even more generous amount allowed if you are camping for a longer period. You should however think about how easily you will be able to transport a larger tent. Family sized tents are bulky, even when folded up, and can take up a lot of room in a vehicle. They can also be difficult to find a pitching space for, can take a long time to erect and may be unstable in windy conditions, so if you are travelling in a larger group, it may be best to bring a few smaller tents rather than one big one.

Windows And Doors

It is important to have adequate ventilation, especially if you are travelling in a hot or humid climate. Choose a tent with plenty of mesh windows, but ensure that they can be closed with a zip, drawstring or with velcro. A tent with doors on each side is especially convenient as it allows people to exit without stepping over another occupant.


man hiking in the woodsTents are made of different materials, but if you want a durable tent, you should choose one made of a high-quality breathable nylon. Although some shelters are available that are made from a rip-stop fabric, these can be heavy and not suitable for those who are cycling or backpacking. Look for a tent with reinforced nylon tape seams to ensure longevity.


Think about where you are likely to be pitching your tent and what the weather will be like. An igloo-shaped tent with sturdy poles is essential in the wind while a tent with a waterproof rain fly and a tub floor is best in rainy conditions. A three-season tent is best in cold weather while you are looking for plenty of ventilation when travelling in hot regions.


Tents come in at all price points, and usually the more you pay, the better the quality. If you are on a budget, you will want to find the best possible tent within your price range so determine which are the essential features that you will need – will you require that reinforced stitching or rip-stop fabric?

Visit Paris, and Fall in Love.

In 2016, Paris still attracts wide-eyed tourists as it has for centuries. Known as the City of Light and even the City of Love, a visit to Paris leaves the tourist with beautiful memories; people love to linger there and to return time after time. The magic of Paris is so much more than the sum of its many attractions but vintage 2CV tour is a unique experience.

Since 1860, the city has been divided into twenty arrondissements. For visitors who may be over-awed by Paris’s many glories, a clever technique is to sight-see the city arrondissement by arrondissement, which is to say, in English, district by district.

paris during the dayEach district has its culture and style, so by exploring the city this way, tourists can discover their own favourite spots in the heart of Paris. Another interesting way to see the city of Paris is to visit either the Rive Gauche, or the left bank of the river Seine, or the Rive Droite, which is the right bank of the River Seine.

The distinctions between the right and the left bank remain as they have been for centuries: The Left Bank is the side of the River Seine where artists and students traditionally gather. The Right Bank of the River Seine is where business and long term residents flourish. As a way of dividing the city of Paris with its multiple cultures, these distinctions can be helpful, even though they are not as strictly upheld as they were in the days when famous artists such as Hemingway, Picasso and Gertrude Stein haunted the cafés and salons of the Left Bank.

The Left Bank is home to Montparnasse, the Quartier Latin, Le Tour Eiffel and the Luxembourg Gardens. The Right Bank showcases the tourist attractions of the Champs Elysées, the Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe and surprising or not, La Pigalle, the Red Light District.
A brief guide to the arrondissements or districts of the Right and Left Banks shows that the Left Bank, which is the smaller area contains six districts which are Panthéon, Luxembourg, Palais-Bourbon, Gobelins, Observatoire and Vaugirard.

The Right Bank is comprised of fourteen districts, which are Louvre, Bourse, Temple, Hôtel-de-Ville, Elysée, Opéra, Entrepôt, Popincourt, Reuilly, Passy, Batignolles-Monceau, Butte-Montmartre, Butte-Chaumont and Ménilmontant.

Some twenty first celebrities who love Paris are Serena Williams and Kanye West. While Kanye would love to live permanently in Paris, Serena has an apartment in the eighth arrondissement.
Restaurants, Bistros, Boutiques, Public Gardens, Museums – Paris, has them all.

Go there and fall in love – with the City of Paris itself. Contact Midnight in Paris on Wheels – Deux Chevaux Experience today!

Geneva Travel Guide – the Smallest Metropolis in the World

garden, lake geneva, switzerland

Geneva is one of the most often visited cities in Switzerland. As the second most populous city of the country, it’s a globally important trade, financial and diplomacy center. Hosting the highest number of international organizations compared to any other city in the world, with organizations such as United Nations (European headquarters), World Trade Organization and Red Cross, to name just a few of them. It’s also called a ‘Peace Capital’ and is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with over half of its citizens holding a passport from a country other than Switzerland. The city is close to the western border of Switzerland, at the south-western end of Lake Geneva, and offers a great view of the Alps range including Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. Apart from popularity among businesses and expats, the city is a very popular tourist destination, thanks to its many attractions.

When to visit Geneva?

geneva, fountain, places of interest

Image from Pixabay via lukaskontakt

Although the main city attractions are available all-year-round, Geneva is best visited in the summer – July and August, as it’s the best time to experience both the city and the Lake Geneva. For those who prefer a less crowded time, spring or autumn could be a better choice. On the other hand, for skiing enthusiasts, a trip to Geneva in the winter would be the best idea, merging sight-seeing of the city with visiting the nearby ski resorts and enjoying the Alps.

What are the costs? – Accommodation

Geneva has been numerous times ranked in the top 5 most expensive cities in the world. A night at a hotel in a single room starts at 80 CHF, and dorm prices are around 40 CHF with breakfast included. Typical double hotel room starts at 100 CHF, and that’s only if the hotel is considered a budget one.

Transportation costs

A one hour ticket gives the access to the whole public transportation, including buses, trams, rail and boats and costs 3 CHF. A day pass, valid from 9 am to midnight is 8 CHF and a full day (24h) costs 10 CHF. Arriving in Geneva by plane gives an 80-minute free bus ticket – this allows for a quick travel to the hotel and planning the trip from there.

Cost of food

Visiting Geneva on a longer trip, one may be considering buying groceries – that would cost around 80 – 100 CHF a week for basic meal ingredients or 5-10 CHF for premade meals, available at supermarkets. Restaurant prices start at 20 CHF for lunch (with possible discounts of 5 to 10 CHF on specials) and 40 CHF for dinners including a drink.

What to visit? – One of 40 Museums

Geneva is full of different attractions – with over 40 different, top-quality museums, everyone interested in arts, history or wanting to know what Geneva is all about will find something that suits his interests. The most popular museums are Musee des Arts d’Extreme-Orient, focused on the Far Eastern art, the Barbier-Mueller Museum, focusing on art and tribal antiquity and the Museum of Art and History.

Old Town and St. Peter’s Cathedral

geneva, switzerland, europe

Image from Pixabay via Luisfpizarro

While staying in Geneva, one cannot miss the Switzerland most magnificent Old Town, situated in the heart of the city. Filled with Swiss shops and cafes, Geneva’s Old Town is a very good option for a quiet walk along the walls that have witnessed the Reformation movement, to experience a type of relaxed history lesson. The must-see parts of the Old Town are the nearby Bourg-de-Four Square that was once a Roman Forum and the pearl of the Old Town – St. Peter’s Cathedral. This 1,000-year-old monument that took over 400 years to build offers a great view of the area from its North Tower.

The Jet d’eau

The unmissable attraction in Geneva, this fountain shoots the water 140 meters high making it the highest in Europe regarding the water stream height. Situated on the left bank of Lake Geneva, close to the UN headquarters. Despite being visible from almost any point in the city, it’s best experienced just a few meters away from the water jet, giving you a sense of the power of all the water that shoots up into the air.

Palais des Nations

The situated close to the Jet d’eau Palais Des Nations is the headquarters of the UN Office. Built between 1929 and 1938 to serve as the League of Nations headquarters, after the World War II in 1946 became the home to the UN. The second after New York, it’s available for a visit for anyone wishing to do so during a guided tour. After the visit to the Palace of Nations, a popular destination for a relaxing walk is the charming Ariana Park in which the palace is situated.

International Monument to the Reformation (Reformation Wall) and Parc des Bastions

Anyone who enjoyed the Ariana Park will most likely enjoy the beautiful Parc des Bastions, which together with the Reformation Wall commemorate John Calvin and the founders of the Protestant faith. The Reformation Wall, although constructed 200 years after the park, on the 400th birth anniversary of John Calvin, this 30 feet high and 325 feet long wall depicts all of the most important people of the Reformation movement, including Theodore Beza, William Farel, John Knox, William the Silent and many more.


This bohemian district with mixed a mix of Italian and Swiss architecture gives visitors a feeling of being in a totally different country. Many of the tens of stalls, boutiques and bistros offer things not available in the rest of the city. Visiting Geneva without hanging here for at least one evening, preferably spending a night at one of its popular clubs or bars should not be counted as a trip to Geneva at all.

The Outdoors

garden, lake geneva, switzerlandThe city is not only about the monuments and building reminding visitors of its interesting history. Switzerland and Geneva particularly boast with a great climate and beautiful nature. The Lake Geneva offers its visitors boat trips with an unforgettable view of the city, Jet D@eau and the mountains. For those who prefer to walk or cycle, promenades along the lake offer amazing view and a relaxing atmosphere.

Close to Geneva and visible from within the city is the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc. A day trip to the village of Chamonix should be scheduled by anyone who wants to see more than just a city. Taste the real Swiss cheese, wine, and chocolate and go for a trip with the Golden Express Train to enjoy the best view of the Lake Geneva possible. To experience yet another view of the city, a visit to another great mountain nearby – Mont Saleve – is highly recommended.

Geneva offers everything that’s Swiss – it is the home to watchmaking, and there are still over 70 watch-making companies present. It’s the best city to taste the real Swiss way of life with the Swiss cheese, chocolate, the Alps, and much more of all that Switzerland has to offer.